Solutions for Population Rise

The world population has catapulted to a new level in the last two centuries. However, the good news is that this phenomenon can be reversed, stopped, and slowed. If the efforts made by the United Nations’ programs are anything to go by then within a few decades we could see a sustainable reduction in the population. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things we should do if we were to control this trend. Given below are some possible solutions for population rise.
1. Offering better education
When the right policies are implemented that reflect social changes, then it makes a lot of difference. When you educate the mass about the advantages of having one or two children, it will not only help them lead a better life but also help control the population in the longer run. Education can also be used as an important tool for making people aware of different tools that are widely used in the world of computing. Those families that have four, five or more kids in them need to be discouraged. Also, efficient birth control and family planning will enable women to make their own decisions. Whenever a discussion takes place about overpopulation and ways to tackle it, we also need to educate people about voluntary sterilization and abortion simultaneously.
2. Concessions or tax benefits
Countries that have been facing the brunt of overpopulation need to bring in policies surrounding concessions or tax benefits to keep the problem in check. The policies could be anything like lowering income tax rates for couples that have only one or two children or waiving off a part of their income tax and so on. Since a majority of us are inclined towards making more money, this trick might just work.
3. making people understand about family planning
When you make people aware that overpopulation can have serious repercussions and there is a need for family planning, it helps. This is one sure-shot way of controlling overpopulation. You need to talk to them about various contraceptive methods available on the market and safe sex techniques so they’re able to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
4. Empowering women
Another effective way to tackle overpopulation is by empowering women. According to various studies, women that have access to different kinds of reproductive health services are likely to come out of poverty, while women that are working resort to birth control methods. It is for this reason, the United Nations Population Fund wants to put an end to these issues by letting young women run microcredit projects and make them ambassadors of reproductive health.
5. Imparting sex education
Providing sex education to students at the elementary level should be made mandatory. As a majority of parents find it hard to put the subject matter across to their kids, the result has been that kids are seen searching for such information from the internet or from their peers. The sad part is that a lot of these sexually active teenagers do not get complete information about sex and end up being unaware of contraceptives. Therefore, it is important that both teachers and parents take turns to educate young ones about sexual health.
6. Environment, health, and population programs
An integrated approach is provided by PHE programs to solve conservation and human development challenges. This is achieved by providing better access to health services that also include reproductive health and family planning whilst also managing natural resources, improving livelihoods, and by conserving the important ecosystems on which all of these depend. When PHE programs are promoted, their multiple benefits get known to the people. This way we can also advocate for increased funding for these kinds of programs.
7. Eradicating poverty
If the estimates of the UN are anything to go by then the population growth in the next century will largely be driven by countries that are poor. Eliminating poverty is not just a human right but also helps bring down birth rates considerably. Some of the assured ways of reducing population growth and fertility rates include providing people with economic opportunities, education, and decreasing child mortality. And some of the tools that can be used at the global level to control population explosion are global justice, fair trade, and international aid.

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